How it Works

1. What is Clubnote?
Clubnote is a free and simple publishing tool that allows anyone to create and share richly formatted notes from Clubhouse. Everything you hear, goes here : )

2. Is it free?
Yes, Clubnote is completely free to use by anyone.

3. What happens after I publish my Clubnote?
Publishing your Clubnote will create a unique link (url) where you can view your notes and share with the world.

4. Can I delete my notes?
Currently no. If you wish to delete a published note please send a request by email to: and we'll remove it.

5. Can I edit my note after it is published?
Currently no. We are working hard to make this and other features available in the near future.

6. Are you affiliated with Clubhouse?
No, we are users and fans of Clubhouse but we are not affiliated or connected with Clubhouse in any way.

7. Can I save my drafts?
Currently no. Drafts, accounts and other exciting features are in the works and will be available soon!

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